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HMGS sponsors the finest historical miniatures wargaming conventions anywhere, some drawing in excess of 3700 attendees. The Chapter kicks in with Fall In! each November down in Lancaster, followed by Cold Wars also at Lancaster, PA each March, and ending with the Grandaddy of them all, Historicon each July, now being held at the huge Fredericksburg Expo Center in Fredericksburg, VA. Its fun, friends, some respectable retail therapy and historical miniature wargaming at its finest and then some.

How good are our conventions? Well, let's just say that the Wall Street Journal didn't call Historicon the "Mother of all Wargaming Conventions" for nothing. Check out the hyperlinks below for all the latest info on our conventions, or to simply see what you missed if you couldn't attend. You will also find the latest weather at both Fredericksburg and Lancaster as well as convenient driving directions courtesy of Yahoo Maps. Its sort of our way of making attendance at an HMGS con as familiar and comfortable as slipping into a old pair of slipers at the end of a particularly hard day.

Its by far the best gaming, shopping, competition and downright fun you'll ever have in this fascinating hobby, so make preparations to attend one and all. And given such non-wargaming attractions such as the outlet malls, National Parks, or Lancaster's Dutch Wonderland, there really isn't any reason this couldn't be a full family affair.

So by all means enjoy, and we will see you at the next HMGS Con!

7 - 9 Nov 14 E FALL IN! (Theme: 1914 - the Great War Begins), Lancaster Host Resort Hotel, Lancaster, PA. POC is Convention Director Daniel B. Murawski, 145 Grant Street, Cambridge Springs, PA 16403, Email Website at

Fall In 2011 pictures now online via a Windows Live Slide Show! And for a great article on 2004's Featherstone Cup, click here!

[ Yahoo! Maps ]
Map of 2300 Lincoln Hwy E
Lancaster, PA 17602-1114

Current Lancaster, PA weather below.


5 - 8 Mar 15 E COLD WARS (Theme: American Civil War 1865 - 150 Years), Lancaster Host Resort Hotel, Lancaster, PA. POC is Convention Director Frank Preziosa, PO Box 213, Hainesport, NJ 08036, Email, Website via Future dates are:


  • TBD Mar 16 E Cold Wars (Theme: 1816 - 1916 - 2016, A Race to World Power). All other information as above.


Cold Wars 2012 pictures now online via a Windows Live Skydrive Slide Show, please click here!

Driving Directions please see below.

[ Yahoo! Maps ]
Map of 2300 Lincoln Hwy E
Lancaster, PA 17602-1114

Current Lancaster, PA weather below.


16 - 19 Jul 15 E HISTORICON (Theme: the End of Empires), HM and called "the Mother of all wargaming conventions" by the Wall Street Journal. Fredericksburg Expo & Convention Center, 2371 Carl D. Silver Parkway, Fredericksburg, VA 22401, with phone at (540) 548-5555. Convention Director Paul Delaney, c/o: Liz Markum, 25 W Courtland St, Bel Air, MD 21014, with Email at, Website at

Historicon 2014 pictures - nearly 150 images - now online via a Windows Live Skydrive - please click here, and if you would like to see a super report on the 2007 convention, just click here for a 4-page review in the November 2007 issue of Miniature Wargames™ (used with permission), complete with photos. NEW!

Current Fredericksburg, VA weather below.


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Bob Coggins passes. Hobby pioneer, HMGS elder and co-creater of Napoleon's Battles died on 21 July 2014. Click here to read the TMP entry on Bob's passing.

Post Historicon 2014 Newsletter! Now online and ready to read, just click here! UBER NEW!!!

Historicon 2014! Click here for nearly 150 images from this great convention, bring back great memories or see what you missed!


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